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1. To qualify for Conquest Cash Program the customer purchasing a PATHFINDER must be trading-in a Ford Territory between August 1st – 31st.

2. To qualify for Conquest Cash Program the customer purchasing a X-TRAIL must be trading-in a Honda CRV between August 1st – 31st.

3. The Dealer must supply the contract of sale, transfer paperwork and the Conquest Cash form to their Regional Office, failure to supply all three relevant documents by the 6th of September will void payment.

4. Eligible sale type under these program are only: Retail & ABN (R & B), Including On sold Demo’s

5. Retail sales must be processed in NISCOM between August 1st and 31st COB.

6. No program protection is offered on this Conquest Cash program, please ensure you have enough dealer stock to process the retail in NISCOM by the 31st of August.

7. Nissan reserves the right to audit any transactions and reverse payments if all program terms and conditions are not met.

8. Nissan reserves the right to terminate or alter the program terms and conditions at any time.

Fleet Offer

Offers valid until 30/09/2017. Fleet bonus cannot be redeemed for cash. Fleet bonus is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Nissan reserves the right to vary, extend or withdraw this offer.

*Up to a maximum of 4 services. +Offer available on Navara RX and ST models. ^Offer available on X-TRAIL 2WD & 4WD petrol variants.

Exclusive Dealer Offer

Excludes fleet and government buyers. Includes 3 scheduled services.

Express Service

Some exceptions apply, including vehicle servicing history and vehicle type. Contact your Nissan Express Service Dealer to find out if your vehicle is eligible for a Nissan Express Service. Any additional work requested to be undertaken at the time of servicing will take additional time. Patrol (Y61 & URY61) & Navara 4WD (D22) dismantle & regrease of LHS and RHS free wheel hub assemblies can increase service time. Offer available at participating dealers. Further conditions and usage policies may apply. Contact your Nissan Express Service Dealer for full details. Offer is not available at all dealers, please refer to the directory for accredited Nissan Express dealers

myNissan Service Certainty

These terms and conditions (Terms and Conditions) govern the operation of the myNissan Service Certainty Program (the Program) at authorised Nissan Dealers and are effective from 1 June 2015.

The Program applies to Nissan Vehicles for the Eligibility Period. The Program provides the opportunity to obtain a Scheduled Service for Nissan Vehicles for no more than the Maximum Price for a certain number of standard Scheduled Services within the Eligibility Period.

The Maximum Prices are published at and updated from time to time. Each Maximum Price will remain valid until the end of the effective period associated with that Maximum Price, and is subject to change after that effective period.
In these Terms and Conditions:

Eligibility Period means the period commencing on the Manufacturer’s Warranty start date as set out in the Owner’s Handbook (or recorded in Nissan’s database) and ending on the first to occur of:

(a) the time period having elapsed from the date of Manufacturer’s Warranty; or
(b) the Nissan Vehicle having travelled the number of kilometres; or
(c) completion of the number of standard Scheduled Services, as set out in the servicing schedule listed on the website applicable to that Nissan Vehicle.

Maximum Price means, with regard to a Scheduled Service for a Nissan Vehicle, the price specified for the relevant Scheduled Service for that model and grade of vehicle in the pricing sheet available at, as amended from time to time.
Nissan means Nissan Motor Co. (Australia) Pty. Ltd., ABN 54 004 663 156.

Nissan Vehicle means a Nissan branded vehicle imported and distributed in Australia by Nissan and to which the Program applies, and which is not excluded under condition 4.
Owner’s Handbook means any and all manuals supplied with the Nissan Vehicle at the time of purchase, including any warranty and maintenance records.

Scheduled Service means a service to a Nissan Vehicle conducted in accordance with the scheduled service intervals as set out in the Owner’s Handbook or the relevant servicing schedule listed on the website

The Program excludes:
(a) Nissan GT-R;
(b) privately imported vehicles;
(c) ‘grey import’ vehicles, i.e. vehicles imported other than through authorised Nissan channels for the purpose of resale; and
(d) any other exclusions that may apply from time to time.

The Program is only available from authorised Nissan Dealers.

The entitlement to Scheduled Services for no more than the Maximum Price under the Program is automatically transferred on change of ownership, and remains with the Nissan Vehicle until the expiration of the Eligibility Period. However, entitlements under the Program are not transferable to any other vehicle.

The Program provides Maximum Prices for servicing on the standard items in each Scheduled Service where the Vehicle has been used under ‘Normal’ driving conditions (as set out in the Owner’s Handbook). Vehicles that have been used in ‘Severe’ driving conditions (as set out in the Owner’s Handbook) may require additional work, and also additional servicing at more frequent intervals. The additional work and these additional services will not be covered by the Program.

The Program provides a Maximum Price for each of the Scheduled Services for the following items:
(a) labour;
(b) parts (subject to condition 10 below);
(c) lubricants; and
(d) sundries;
but only to the extent the above items are covered by the relevant Scheduled Service.
The Program does not include the following items in the Maximum Price:
(a) replacement of wear and tear items such as tyres, brake pads, wiper blades etc;
(b) fluids, additives and treatments not specified as part of the relevant Scheduled Service;
(c) additional repairs found to be required at the time of service;
(d) accident damage;
(e) repairs for vehicles operated in Severe conditions;
(f) additional maintenance due to modification from original specification, such as LPG, turbo chargers, drive trains, suspensions etc;
(g) fitment of non-genuine parts or non-genuine accessories; and
(h) adjustments and/or any additional work deemed necessary not otherwise specified to support particular driving conditions.

Your authorised Nissan Dealer will advise if any such additional items not included in the Maximum Price require attention prior to the works being undertaken. Your consent will be requested before your authorised Nissan Dealer completes those additional works.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you present your Nissan Vehicle for servicing at each Scheduled Service interval.

You acknowledge that if you miss any Scheduled Service, additional work may be required (at additional cost) when your Nissan Vehicle is presented for its next Scheduled Service.

The Maximum Prices for each Scheduled Service may be amended from time to time to reflect changes such as the cost of labour, parts, lubricants and other materials.

Please check with your authorised Nissan Dealer or on our website at to confirm the Maximum Price for your next Scheduled Service at the time of booking.

These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time. Amendments will be published on the Nissan website and will take effect immediately on publication.


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