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Will the Nissan Qashqai Get E-Power?

Will the Nissan Qashqai Get E-Power?
May 17, 2019 Nissan Cars
Nissan Qashqai

Nissan has confirmed that the range extended hybrid powertrains will hit the European market early in the next decade. The announcement follows the reveal of the IMQ concept featuring e-Power drivetrain, but does this mean that we’ll see a Nissan Qashqai e-Power here in Australia?

The Commitment to Electrification

Nissan HQ has confirmed the launch of vehicles fitted with e-Power technology before 2022 in Europe, as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to electrification. Nissan’s corporate VP, Roel de Vries made the announcement at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show after the reveal of the IMQ e-Power Powered concept. De Vries stated that Nissan is already a world leader in the mass market EV technology with a fully electrified Europe being “within our sights.” With the arrival of e-Power on European roads in the next two years, Nissan HQ aims to bring the benefits of Intelligent Mobility to more and more customers to keep “moving people to a better world.”

Which Models Will Get the E-Power Treatment?

Nissan HQ hasn’t officially disclosed which of the European product line up will receive the e-Power technology. However, in a press release, it was stated that the release of range-extended hybrid systems would be “among a suite” of the new technologies that will be coming to the best selling Nissan vehicles in Europe over the next three years.

Since the Serena and Note are not offered in Europe, the Qashqai, Juke, and Micra are all prime candidates for the e-Power treatment in the near future. In the Japanese market, over 70 percent of its Note sales and approximately 50 percent of its Serena sales are e-Power variants.

E-Power models are driven purely by an electric motor with the petrol engine solely used to charge the battery pack when running “at optimal speed.” Nissan HQ says that this technology leads to a “superior” fuel efficiency with lower emissions compared to the regular combustion engine set up.

In addition to the announcement for e-Power expansion, Nissan HQ has also confirmed that the Leaf e+ long range model would be offered in Europe shortly. This model features a larger 62 kWh battery pack, and Nissan has already received over 3000 orders for this higher spec model after the global launch.

What About Here in Australia?

Although it is only a concept at the moment, the Nissan IMQ is thought to represent the future brand direction. It incorporates some exciting technologies, particularly the next generation of the e-Power technology. According to the managing director of Nissan Australia, Stephen Lester, the new powertrain options are showing increasing popularity, and if e-Power technology would be available to the Australian market, Nissan Australia would be interested. This means that it could be very possible for us to see an e-Power Nissan Qashqai in the near future.

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