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Which Nissan X-Trail to Buy

Which Nissan X-Trail to Buy
February 24, 2020 Maddington Nissan
Nissan Xtrail

Looking to purchase a vehicle and then being presented with multiple different variations can be intimidating, especially if you are not car savvy. Sometimes it might be too much pressure to find out what model is the best for you and what you need it for. Lay those worries to rest as in the Nissan X-Trail lineup there is something that will fit you need. We will be covering the quality, costs, the seats, as well as the brand new Nissan X-Trail. You will find a manual and automatic variant so there is no stress there, just read it over and think which model you like most.

Is Nissan X-Trail a quality car?

Without a doubt, the Nissan X-Trail is a good car. This car has gone to earn praises and rewards like the world’s best-selling SUV, not a minor feat. This is not the only award this vehicle won, it also managed to earn a 5-Star ANCAP rating to prove to everyone that this is a safe SUV. This sturdiness allows for nice off-road driving for those days when you want to go explore the outback.

With the exterior being demonstrated as safe, next was the interior. Packed with gadgets for both safety and entertainment, this vehicle is a great addition to any garage. With how much this has already accomplished, you have to ask what makes the new Nissan X-Trail generally the best option.

How much is a Nissan X-Trail 2020?

The manufacturers are expecting an average cost of $39,115. This means the most affordable variant, the “2020 Nissan X-Trail ST (2WD) (5YR)”, costs as low as $29,890. On the complete other end is the “2020 Nissan X-Trail TL (4WD) TAN TRIM (5YR)” that is absolutely jam-packed with gadgets and cool accessories and sits at $48,340. Out of the list, you still find a diesel or petrol variants as well as automatic or manual transmissions.

The new Nissan X-Trail earns all the extra costs. Adding extra features and additions to improve the driving experience. Cool new tech includes Nissan’s ProPilot autonomous driving tech and rear cross-traffic alert. So if you can afford the more costly variants then it will be well worth it.

Is Nissan X-trail 7 seater?

You definitely can get a 7-seat Nissan X-trail model. For that option, you should look to the X-TRAIL ST or to the new Nissan X-Trail which also offers 7 seats. These options are perfect for families, friends or just like to have extra seats just in case. If you want to non-2020 variant with the 7 seats, sadly you might have to give something up so it is suggested you look to purchase the new Nissan X-Trail.

How much does a Nissan X-Trail cost?

The Nissan X-Trail ranges in costs as the different models offer different attributes that you might find necessary or just fun. Each variant is unique and the differences will be listed. For everyday purposes, the ST-L is recommended but the TI is great for those who can afford the extra budget.

Nissan X-Trail ST: $28,990^, good affordable variant

Nissan X-Trail ST-L:  $38,490^, really useful extras for the price such as satellite navigation

Nissan X-Trail TI:  $44,490^, offers more features for safety and comfort than the ST-L

Nissan X-Trail TS:  $40,340*, diesel engine with updated gadgets

Nissan X-Trail TL:  $51,290* has excellent fuel efficiency

Nissan X-Trail N-SPORT:  $43,192*, sleek design that does wonders