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Which Nissan X Trail is Top of the Range

Which Nissan X Trail is Top of the Range
March 24, 2020 Maddington Nissan
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Nissan has been hard at work to give its customers’ choices when it comes to their favourite vehicle. That is no different for the new Nissan X-Trail line as the options are bountiful. There are 6 models that offer a wide arrangement of benefits so instead of just saying the most expensive is best as sometimes cost is taken into matter.


The most affordable of the bunch and is great if the cost is the main factor. If you can afford more than it might be better to do so as this model does not have as many features as others.


A jump in price in comparison to the ST model but that comes with some benefits. The major of these benefits are the display touch screen that includes satellite navigation. Maneuvering around in today’s times without constant updates makes this one of the best models for the price to performance.


This model sports a diesel engine and is practically the same cost as the last model. This model also offers a lot of cool safety features like intelligent emergency braking. Choosing this gives off a more sophisticated feeling than some of the others.


Talk about sleek design. If you are looking for a car that outputs a sleek and mysterious design then this black and smokey designed variant. A good option if you love the design though it does not change much else.


In comes the gadgets and accessories with the model. Easily a great value to cost ratio if you want your car to be very practical. You get intelligent cruise control, intelligent emergency breaks, heated steering wheel and more.


Offers the most features and is regarded as the best model if the price is not an issue. Comes with a sunroof as well as all the gadgets featured and more. For the best experience, this definitely wins the competition hands down.

Is Nissan X Trail a good car?

One main easy way to determine if a car is considered good is by looking at the reviews. With Nissan being the manufacturer you probably will not be surprised that this line of the new Nissan X-Trail has been very well received critically. So what makes it a good car? Well, it did not receive the award for being the best selling SUV for nothing. The Nissan X-Trail is a car that has received a 5-star ANCAP rating because of its impressive safety design and innovative technology.  This model line is very affordable while it still offers some cool new gadgets and a spacious interior. The outside gives off a very sleek and sturdy design with sharp-looking headlights and alloy wheels. On the inside is a hands-free display screen that offers satellite navigation and the advanced drive-assist feature. All traits of a good car.

Is Nissan X Trail fuel efficient?

When going to purchase a new car it is smart to learn about the costs after you drive the car home. These costs can include fuel and insurance, so owning a fuel efficient car is always favoured. For most of the new Nissan X-Trail model line, you will find the fuel consumption be as little as 6.0 L per 100km. This includes the model with all the extra accessories. The rest of the line up still offers insanely good fuel consumption rates for a fully functioning SUV car. Roughly 5L less fuel consumption to some of the other SUV on the market at the same price. Easily a very efficient SUV for fuel consumption and in turn is good for the planet. The years have advanced and Nissan knows that efficiency and helping the planet is the way to go when creating a new car.

What is the top-spec X Trail? 

When money is no longer an issue when looking for a new car then you definitely would be curious to what all the juicy features added are. So what are all the cool new additions you wonder? Well, take a look at everything the new Nissan X-Trail TL has to offer. General Specifications: 2.0L 16-valve 4-cylinder Diesel engine automatic 380Nm @ 2,000 rpm 130kW @ 3,750 rpm 4×4 drivetrain with hill descent control 5 seats 6.1L/100km 162 CO2 emissions   Size Specifications 1,740mm height 4,690mm length 1,820mm width 210mm ground clearance 565 L, 945 L with seats down boot space Entertainment and Safety: USB Port Bluetooth audio streaming 8-speaker bose audio system Intelligent engine break Blindspot warning More safety features What’s Unique: Motion sensor tailgate Full around-view monitor and satellite navigation More efficient fuel engine Nissan connect smartphone integration Power tilt and slide sunroof

Is the Nissan X Trail 4wd?

The Nissan X-Trail is a 4 wheel drive vehicle. This does depend on the model but most of them except for some of the ST variants offer this design. Nissan purposely did this to create models of the new Nissan X-Trail that is more affordable for customers. So what does having a 4 wheel drive car mean? You probably already know why this is a nice addition to most vehicles, especially some of the larger vehicles. This helps to create a lot of torque and with the Nissan X-Trail having all this torque means it can solve most problems that require towing. Also, the X-Trail can use the 4 wheel drive to make off-road driving a great time, offering a very fun experience.


So after taking a look at all the models and what each has to offer you should make a decision to which models offer the best additions for you. You could find the most affordable model the best or potentially the most value to cost-efficient model best. If you are looking for straight-up additions and design then the new Nissan X-Trail SL is definitely the best with how much it has to offer. So if you are looking for a Nissan vehicle or interested in booking a driving trip in one of the new Nissan X-Trails then head over to the website and check it out.