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Which Nissan Patrol Engine is Best

Which Nissan Patrol Engine is Best
February 19, 2020 Maddington Nissan
Nissan Patrol

Every few years a car line gets a revamp, usually going ahead and updating the parts or adding new features. After this goes on for a few years it can become confusing as it feels like you are looking at a whole new car. Even if you are told what the best engine is, that doesn’t always mean it is the best for you currently. People who suggest vehicle models because of their specifications would not understand your life situation and sometimes saving money by buying a cheaper model or a diesel engine is best.

Taking trips with your Nissan Patrol in Perth will have the best experience if you are happy with your choice. Out of a group of choices it can be narrowed down to the most recommended models for certain circumstances.

What engine is in a Nissan Patrol?

The engine inside the Nissan Patrol has been under the wringer as it has constantly been upgraded for modern times. Each year there have been multiple variants of the Nissan Patrol being released, giving many options. In recent years the engine has remained consistent so if you are looking for a larger variety you might need to look at the 2017 variants and older.

The engine that sits in the 2018+ Nissan Patrols does not offer a diesel option. The engine needs to be strong to make sure that everything in the vehicle runs smoothly. After adding so many features Subaru had to add a beefy engine to this powerhouse so that’s why they chose a V8 Petrol engine. This engine boasts 560Nm of torque, very strong, and 298kW of speed. This engine is capable of achieving all the requirements that appear in simple everyday life and even for more challenging off-road problems. The 2017 models take a different approach to what engine is needed.

2017 Nissan Patrol almost seems like a different vehicle in general when you look at the engine. Back before all the new accessories were packed into the SUV, the vehicle had some wiggle room with its power and strength requirements. In turn, Subaru had placed Diesel engines in the Nissan Patrol. Now, these diesel engines were not weak at all and are definitely impressive, but they offer not as much in power as the new models. The specs of this engine are DT4 cylinders, 354Nm of torque and 118kW of speed.

What Nissan Patrol model has the best engine?

The main reason they started to offer fewer choices is that they found what is considered one of the best engines for the vehicle. With an impressive 140L fuel tank capacity you can enjoy trips driving your Nissan Patrol around Perth or other sightseeing locations. With power, innovation, and speed behind the vehicle, it is no wonder why this engine was considered good.

This is definitely the best engine if the price is not a problem, strength, and speed packed into a luxurious vehicle. An engine with that strength and speed is a great recommendation for those who want a vehicle that can handle their adventurous itch.

Let’s take a trip back to 2017 where the Nissan Patrol came with Diesel engines. These engines might not be as strong as the newer models but what they shine at is other attributes. Not only is this variant more fuel-efficient than the other, but it is also more affordable and is better for the environment. At this point, the diesel engine sips a lot less fuel using 1.6L less of fuel every 100km compared to the other model.

So if you want to save money at the cost of some power and new accessories found in the new Nissan Patrol, this is the better option for you. This is also an excellent choice for families or those who prefer a more standard way of living.

Is the Nissan Patrol available in Australia?

Nissan has dealerships around Australia so searching all over the internet for a good Nissan vehicle is no longer necessary. If you are looking for a Nissan Patrol in Perth than you can head over to any nearby Nissan dealership. Just like the other Nissan vehicles, the Nissan Patrol can be requested from these locations.

This means that if you are looking for a 2018+ variant then it is easy to acquire one. If you are looking for a 2017 variant or older for the diesel engine then you will need to take a different approach. Second-hand locations have the best potential chance of finding an older Nissan Patrol and because that is an ever-changing market the sales are constantly changing. Do not worry as you should be able to find a variant of the Nissan Patrol for sale at a good price on many different websites.

So in the end, if you are looking for a new Nissan Patrol Perth then head over to any local Nissan dealership where you can book test drives and discuss accessories. If you seek an older model for the affordability or the diesel engine then second-hand options are best. Ten minutes of searching the internet or popping down to any non-manufacturer dealership is a good idea.

How much does a Nissan Patrol cost?

The Nissan Patrol is considered a good vehicle and with that status comes a cost. Subaru has made the cost worth it by packing the vehicle with gadgets, accessories, luxury interior, and a nice experience. So what you might be thinking now is how much does all that cost and how affordable are all the models.

Nissan Patrol 2020 costs $75,990 for the Ti model or you can purchase the Ti-L variant for $91,990 that comes with additional safety features and some nice little life-improving additions.

Nissan Patrol 2019 costs between $62,040 for the most affordable option and $93,940 for all the included features

Nissan Patrol 2018 costs $58,520 for the base model and $83,160 for the top of the line version

Nissan Patrol 2017 that offers a diesel engine costs $34,320 for the base and $78,320 for the most packed version

If you want to keep going back then the price fluctuates as it will be mostly second-hand options so haggling might be involved.


To sum up the question, the 2018+ Nissan Patrols are the best if money is not an issue and you want a powerful engine. 2017 Nissan Patrol is the newest model that offers diesel engines and in turn, is more affordable if money is an issue. In the end, you can find older models that go as little as $2,000 but it would be best to aim for as new a model as you can get for safety reasons.

If you are getting a new model then make sure to keep the Nissan Patrol well maintained like regular oil changes. If you are getting a second-hand option then make sure to touch-up any older parts affected by time.