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What to Expect From the New Nissan Juke

What to Expect From the New Nissan Juke
December 21, 2016 Maddington Nissan

What to Expect From the New Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is already considered to be a standout vehicle, available in a fantastic range of bold, eye catching colours. With its unexpected angles and sweeping curves, the new Nissan Juke isn’t to everyone’s tastes. However, the popularity of the model is undeniable, so here’s what you can expect from this funky new Nissan.

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With a radical style and massive light panel, the brand was hesitant for a local launch of the Nissan Juke for sale. Australia drivers could only admire the model from afar until Holden and Ford launched their unusual mini SUV models, predicting a strong demand. The Juke has had a frontal makeover, which is based on the “V-Motion” Nissan theme. This has created a slimmer top section and massive area. The new headlights apparently have a boomerang shape, but this is not immediately obvious to any self-respecting Aussie. Cast your eye along the Juke’s body and it will appear that there is no end to the wheel arches that bulge up and out of the sleek body.
The overall design of the body does appear to be a coupe and SUV crossover, as the rear door handles are cunningly disguised. With its big rear bumper and distinct taillights, the Juke certainly has a unique aesthetic, particularly in the new Magnetic Red, Ink Blue, and Bumblebee Yellow colours.


If you thought the new Nissan Juke is just a pretty face, you would be mistaken. There have been some significant changes under the bonnet, which have boosted performance. There is now a turbo 1.2 litre petrol engine that is fitted in the entry level models, delivering an impressive 85 kW of power when paired with a manual six speed transmission. This is particularly powerful in the fairly light two wheel drive variant.
The non turbo 1.6 litre engine previously offered is still available with a few upgrades. It offers 86 kW of power when paired with a CVT automatic transmission to maintain the correct ratio at all times. There is also a 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol variant available with the top of the line variants, which produces 140 kW of power.

Cabin Comfort:

All models in the Juke range are equipped with an impressive safety package including reverse camera, ISOFIX anchor points, ABS, traction and stability control and curtain, side and front airbags. However, where the model really stands out is in its cabin comfort. There is a very reasonable amount of legroom in the rear with plenty of headroom. Since the 2WD variant is missing the rear differential, the model has gained a massive 40 percent in cargo space. This takes it to a huge 354 litres. The AWD variants retain the smaller boot of the previous model at 251 litres. All models feature 60/40 split rear seats, to extend the cargo space, even more, when needed.

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