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What Engine Oil for Nissan Navara?

What Engine Oil for Nissan Navara?
March 31, 2020 Maddington Nissan
Nissan Navara - Maddington Nissan

When getting your engine oil changed it is smart to know a few good suggestions to choose before you make the decision. For the most part, you want 5W oil as it is suggested by oil manufacturers because of the engine heat.

Best Suggestion: Castrol EDGE 5W-30 LL

This oil is very good for you Nissan Navara because of the synthetic design. Choosing synthetic oil costs more but is better for your car and the environment. This is one of the best suggestions by Castrol for the new Nissan Navara.  This will do the job of making sure your Navara runs well for a long time.

How do you change the oil on a Nissan Navara?

This can be quite a lengthy process and can be really difficult if you do not have the proper equipment. The process will be summarised into dot point but for your sake, it is recommended you get it serviced professionally.

  1. Grab a pan and lay underneath the car
  2. Remove the oil filler cap and drain the oil into the pan
  3. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil from there too
  4. Clean and reinstall the drain plug and washer
  5. Fill the oil to a sufficient amount, check with the oil dipstick
  6. Install the oil filter
  7. Start the engine
  8. Check the engine oil and make sure its tightened
  9. Stop the engine for ten minutes and check again, if it’s all good then you are done 

How often should you service a Nissan Navara?

Having your Nissan Navara serviced is the most recommended choice when something goes wrong. You can try to fix the problem yourself but that can lead to more serious problems occurring that can have lasting effects. When you get your Nissan Navara serviced you are not just paying for the repairs but also the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle is safe. So how often should you get your vehicle serviced?

The first and most obvious indication that you should seek service is when obvious problems start occurring. If the vehicle is unsafe then request to get your Navara transferred to the service station so you do not risk hurting you or others. 

It is recommended that after you drive 20’000k you should get your vehicle checked. This is because of wear on the individual parts as most things might not break that fast but important screws might start shredding. If you do not drive much and a year passes before you drive 20’000k then it is also recommended to get your vehicle serviced annually. 

What is included in the full car service for Nissan Navara?

Price to value is important because feeling like you got scammed can be very annoying. That is why you should look at what happens when your Nissan Navara gets serviced so you understand why the cost is what it is.

The Nissan car service company is very well trained when it comes to servicing their vehicles. First, they thoroughly go through all the mechanical parts in your vehicle and anything around problem areas. After detecting all the problems they will begin repair on the parts and have them in great shape afterwards. Lastly, you get a free vehicle car wash, as well as the carpets inside, get vacuumed.