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The Top 3 Annoying Driving Habits

The Top 3 Annoying Driving Habits
November 17, 2016 Maddington Nissan

The Top 3 Annoying Driving Habits

Obviously, any “list of things” will elicit a certain amount of acrimony as all opinion is ultimately subjective. However, when you’re out and about in your new Nissan Patrol Y61, you will see some of this behaviour. If you do, it’s a solid bet that at least one of these habits will really annoy you when you’re driving. Here are the top three annoying driving habits that we hate to see when we’re on the road.

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1. Using Mobile Phones When Driving

This is illegal but is still really common on our roads. The worst part about this activity is that it is really dangerous. Talking on the phone is bad enough, but we even see people that are texting! At 60 km/hr, a car is moving at a speed of 16 m/sec, in the 3 seconds that a person takes to check their phone they travel 48 metres without looking at the road. Bearing this in mind it is easy to see why so many accidents happen when people are using their phones. It is true that even talking on a phone hands free can cause accidents, but it is far less likely.

2. Slow Driving When in the Overtaking Lane

This happens all over the civilised world, and no-one seems to be able to explain the phenomena. We’re all familiar with these drivers that pull into the right lane and just sit there until they need to turn off. As they sit there, an entire backed up, queue of traffic builds up behind them. The overtaking lane is surprisingly used for overtaking and then you are supposed to pull back in. This behaviour is now thankfully illegal, but it is still evident on any extended journey. If you encounter this behaviour, please don’t make things worse by engaging in the next annoying and dangerous driving habit on our list.

3. Tailgating the Car Ahead

This is usually a result of an overly aggressive driving style of the driver behind you as they want to hurry you up. Sometimes, it can even be the early stages of a full blown road rage incident. Obviously, this is very dangerous, and it can be intimidating. This driving habit allows no time for reacting to the actions of the car in front. If the driver up front loses control because they feel pressured and intimidated, they may make a mistake, and the tailgating driver will be unable to react in time. Essentially, the tailgater is putting themselves, their car and their driving license at risk to shave a few seconds off their journey.

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