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Tips to Maintain the Value of Your Nissan Roadster

Tips to Maintain the Value of Your Nissan Roadster
May 19, 2018 Nissan Cars

The Nissan Roadster 2018 range is certainly a hit with drivers, but the lower sales numbers mean that these models can also provide investment potential for the future. The sleek lines and sporty performance mean that the Nissan 370Z Roadster is sure to become a classic, but only if you can preserve its value. Here are some tips to keep your roadster in great condition.

Take Care of the First Impressions

Dented, faded or chipped bodywork can immediately compromise the aesthetics and value of your Nissan Roadster. The overall condition is important to resale value, but particularly the body and paintwork. The key to this is preventative maintenance. Even if it is not possible to garage your roadster, it is important that it is washed regularly. You’ll need to be vigilant with bug stains, bird poop and tree sap that can damage your paintwork.

Remember that first impressions also extend to the cabin. A rough cabin can bring down the overall aesthetic of your car. The interior fabrics are very durable, but you’ll still need to vacuum the carpets and fabrics regularly to prevent dirt being ground into the material, causing premature aging.

Maintain a Full Service History

One of the biggest reasons why resale value can be reduced is a lack of service history. A spotty service history is a red flag to potential buyers as it suggests repairs may have been neglected. To maximise your resale value, you need to ensure that follow the Nissan service recommended schedule. Even if you are planning on keeping the vehicle for the full warranty period, it is still important to maintain a full service history. A full service history book will be an attractive feature to any potential buyer, so ensure you visit a Nissan service centre regularly.

Avoid Modifications

When it comes to modifications, the simple answer is don’t. If you must add aftermarket gear, be sure that it can be corrected or undone later. The 370Z is an attractive vehicle, and potential buyers or collectors may start to think about how much it will cost to correct anything that could have gone wrong. Remember that you can choose optional extra packs if you want to customise your roadster without resorting to aftermarket, third party tech.

If you would like to explore more details for the Nissan Roadster 2018 range, you should call in and see us. We have an impressive choice of models including the Nissan Roadster. You’ll also find the Maddington Nissan team ready to answer any queries about the Nissan 370Z Roadster, Perth availability, and current specifications. We would also be delighted to arrange your test drive, so you can experience the exhilaration of the Nissan Roadster for yourself.