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The 2020 Nissan Juke Spotted Testing on the Road

The 2020 Nissan Juke Spotted Testing on the Road
October 10, 2019 Maddington Nissan
Nissan Juke 2019

The Nissan Juke 2019 models have proven to be popular with Australian car buyers, but Nissan has decided to release a new 2nd generation model. This vehicle is currently undergoing testing on public roads in Europe. We’ve become used to seeing new cars on the road with camouflage and bolted on panels to confuse observers before a reveal. However, recent images of the forthcoming Juke were captured without any obvious body panels in place. This has given us a rare opportunity to get a good look ahead of the official release. 

A Brand New Design?

The 2020 Nissan Juke may be underpinned by a brand new platform and drivetrain, but it’s easily recognisable from the pictures taken of southern European roads. The lack of body panels on the development model has allowed us to see that the Juke has a very similar profile to the 2019 models that we can see in our showrooms today. This 2nd generation Juke seems to have the same split headlight configuration and those hidden rear door handles that we have become used to in recent years.

What are the Obvious Changes?

There are some significant external changes to mention; there is the latest version of Nissan’s V-motion grille design positioned at the front of the car. The strip of driving lights seems to be much thinner and lower in profile compared to the current model. The lights are also positioned much closer to the main round lights, and they could be LED lights. Along the flanks of the new Juke, we can see post style wing mirrors to complement the smoother body shape surfaces of the car. The current model rear tail lights seem to have gone, they have been replaced with a design that looks similar to that found on the latest Nissan Micra release.

What are the Less Obvious Changes?

At the moment we still don’t know much about the setup in the cabin or the exact specifications that will be available when the 2nd generation Juke is released. However, we do know that this car will be underpinned by the new Renault Nissan Mitsubishi jointly developed CMF-B platform. This platform has already been used on the Renault Clio and the 2nd generation Nissan Juke will be the first Nissan car built on this infrastructure. The CMF-B platform is interesting in itself because it has ample space for petrol, diesel, and electric drivetrains. So, the Juke would be an ideal candidate for an electrified variant sometime in the near future.

Australian Availability

It’s too early at the moment to consider Australian availability issues, but there is no reason why the new Juke would not be available here. We don’t know when the 2nd generation Juke will be released, but early pictures of road testing featured chunky body panels to disguise the profile from car industry journalists. However, now that Nissan has removed those panels it could indicate that they are approaching a formal release announcement. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

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