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Should You Choose a Full Size Spare, Run Flat, Puncture Repair Kit or Space Saver?

Should You Choose a Full Size Spare, Run Flat, Puncture Repair Kit or Space Saver?
November 25, 2016 Maddington Nissan

Should You Choose a Full Size Spare, Run Flat, Puncture Repair Kit or Space Saver?

When it comes to Nissan parts, one of the components which is most often overlooked is tyres. Many drivers assume that all spare tyres are the same, but in recent years, there are actually a number of options. While this isn’t a massive consideration when choosing your next car, it is certainly worth giving it a little thought, before you make your final purchase decision. Here, we will explore the merits and flaws of each option, so you have all the information you need.

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The Basics:

In the past, there was no real choice on the spare tyre included in your new car, as you would find a full size spare sunk into the cargo area. However, tyre technology has come along a great deal in recent years, so there are now several options. In fact, the improvements in the strength of tyre sidewalls mean that you are now far less likely to have a flat, so having a full sized tyre is no longer a priority. Unfortunately, flats can still occur, and if you find yourself hundreds of kilometres from a tyre centre, you may run into problems if you don’t have the right solution.

Puncture Repair Kits:

When car manufacturers are really keen to save weight, they may offer a puncture repair kit instead of a spare. This can be a fantastic option, but they can be a little tricky to use, and you are unlikely to get more than a couple of hundred kilometres use.

Run Flats:

Run flat tyres are often offered on sportier models. They allow you to keep driving even if you suffer a puncture. Unfortunately, they are not flawless. If the sidewall of the tyre has been damaged, you won’t be able to keep driving. Additionally, supply can be an issue, so you may struggle to purchase a replacement. However, you can avoid the potential for accidents when you need to leave your vehicle and work at the side of the road to change or repair your tyre.

A Full Size vs. A Space Saver:

A space saver is lighter and smaller than a full size spare, which means that it will not need to occupy as much room in your boot. Although this can be handy for day to day use of your vehicle, if you do travel long distances, you could run into problems if you get a flat. Space savers are limited in their use; you can’t drive above 80 kilometres per hour, and it can be worn out with continual driving. The reason for this is that they are slim to save space in your car, but they cannot bear the weight of your vehicle in the same way as a standard tyre. Space savers can also be problematic on trickier road conditions such as wet or gravel roads. While many models are offered with a space saver, it is often possible to upgrade to a full size spare if requested.

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