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Seven Seat X-Trail Could be Added to Nissan Fleet

Seven Seat X-Trail Could be Added to Nissan Fleet
November 25, 2016 Maddington Nissan

Seven Seat X-Trail Could be Added to Nissan Fleet

Currently, the Nissan X-Trail is not available in an all wheel drive, seven seat configuration, here in Australia. However, according to the brand’s local arm, this could change if market demand suggests it is needed. So, might we see this variant added to the local lineup?

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Is There Demand?

This model is offered in a number of overseas markets including the European market, but this option is missing from the Australian Nissan fleet. Several manufacturers here do offer such an option in Australia including the Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento, and Mitsubishi Outlander, which suggest that the Nissan variant would find a home here. According to Nissan Australia’s corporate communications manager, Chris Jordan, before he moved onto working at Infiniti in Honda Kong, Nissan has no immediate plans to introduce an AWD seven seater X-Trail. However, it could be introduced if customer demand suggested it would be viable. In a statement, Mr. Jordan said that market trends and demand is continuously monitored and the option has not been ruled out. However, at this time, the demand level does not suggest that the market would support adding this model to the Nissan fleet. He confirmed that there are already over twelve variants in the range, so there is still plenty of choice for customers.

The Australian Market:

Nissan Australia’s corporate communications general manager, Peter Fadeyev has confirmed that the low demand in the current market for a seven seat AWD X-Trail would not justify the increased costs of introducing further diversity into the model lineup. He said that while this particular variant is available in several markets, the local demand is limited, which means that it has not been added to date.
Here, the X-Trail is predominantly sold to families, which means that the range has been configured to appeal to this group. This means that value is a high priority, so introducing new variants would bring additional cost and compromise this potential appeal. Despite lacking an AWD seven seater, the X-Trail outsells the Mitsubishi Outlander, its closest rival, and racks up over 1,000 units sold each month. In the year to date figures, the X-Trail is the fourth best seller in the medium SUV segment, closely trailing the Toyota RAV4 and Hyundai Tuscon. Leading the pack is the Mazda CX-5, which is currently dominating the segment with over 5,000 more sales.

Despite, Nissan keeping a close eye on costs, it does appear that if market demand increases for an AWD seven seater X-Trail, we could see it being introduced here, which would certainly fill a gap in the line up. This model variant may provide an excellent solution for Nissan fleet sales, boosting Nissan’s brand profile and unit sales.

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