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Nissan Launches Special Edition Star Wars Model

Nissan Launches Special Edition Star Wars Model
December 21, 2016 Maddington Nissan

Nissan Launches Special Edition Star Wars Model

With the global launch of the movie Rogue One, it appears that the whole world has gone Star Wars crazy, and Nissan didn’t want to be left behind. Although you may expect to find a whole range of toys, collectibles, and other Star Wars accessories, even the most die-hard of fans didn’t expect Nissan to provide such a fantastic offering.

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The Special Edition:

The special edition is based on the new Nissan X-Trail and was unveiled at the LA Motor Show. Although technically, there are no obvious cars featured in the Star Wars universe, this model immediately screams “empire.” The model was given an appropriate launch with lasers, smoke and the iconic theme playing to showcase the Rogue One Special Edition. It was built to celebrate the release of the new movie and is only available in Darth Vader’s Deepest Black and Storm Trooper White.
There are some very neat touches that will have the movie enthusiasts weeping with joy, such as the illuminated door sills featuring the Star Wars logos each time you open the door.
The Outside of the Rogue is based on the current U.S Nissan X-Trail for sale, which is the biggest selling Nissan model in North America. However, it has a black grille, LED headlights and some other neat touches. To boost the geek factor even further, the model is supplied with a full scale replica Death Trooper helmet. These are new to the Rogue One movie, making them a future collector’s item in their own right. The Rogue is available for an additional $1,990 above the standard Nissan X-Trail price, which will make it much sought after for any fan of the original or new movies.


The Limited Edition, as you would expect has been strictly limited. There are 5400 units available, which have been allocated as only 400 for the Canadian market and 5,000 for the U.S. Alas, no number has been made available for the rest of the world including here in our domestic market. This is a blow for Aussie Star Wars enthusiasts, but with the vehicle import rules still in debate, it may be possible to import one in the coming years. Of course, like practically every other piece of Star Wars memorabilia, it is anticipated that the new Nissan will appreciate in value. With its Star Wars badging that includes both Empire and Rebel symbols in the cup holders and floor mats that look like Wookie fur”, this model epitomises everything we love about the movies.

Although this Star Wars inspired Limited Edition model will not be launched here, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fantastic SUV experience. If you would like to find out more about the new Nissan X-Trail local offering, speak to us. We have a massive choice of new and quality pre-owned Nissan models including the new Nissan X-Trail for sale. The Maddington Nissan sales team is here to answer any queries you may have about the Nissan X-Trail, price deals, and local spec. We would also be delighted to arrange your test drive.