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Nissan Juke 2017 Set to be More Refined

Nissan Juke 2017 Set to be More Refined
January 20, 2017 Maddington Nissan

Nissan Juke 2017 Set to be More Refined

2017 is the year of the next generation Juke and Nissan have said that we can expect cleaner engines, more tech, a new platform and a hybrid option. According to a report from the UK, the model will be arriving during this year and should prove to be an even more attractive proposition

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The Current Model:

The Nissan Juke was first launched at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, and the first generation model was instantly popular in Europe. However, the Juke was not a top selling model here in Australia. Nissan confirmed that a second generation model was on the cards with the company investing £100 million in the Nissan Sunderland UK factory where the Leaf, Qashqai, and Juke are built.
According to Auto Express, a British website, the mark two Juke will arrive in 2017 and bring a more refined and efficient engine and crucial cabin quality improvements. The brand intends to make the Juke the “undisputed crossover” as it slots into the lineup below the Qashqai as Nissan’s smallest SUV style model. The current Juke platform is used as a base for the Cube, Micra and the Renault Captur, and this architecture dates back to 2002.

The Second Generation Juke:

The new Nissan Juke is set to be built on the CMF-B (Common Module Family Segment) platform that was co-developed with partner Renault. According to Shiro Nakamura, CEO of Nissan, the new Juke will retain it’s “edgy” aesthetic and still look like a Juke, but it will benefit from the new refinements.
There has been speculation, based on these statements that the key styling cues including the flared wheel arches, hatchback like design and two tier headlights will still feature in the new model. However, the new Juke is anticipated to reflect Nissan’s new design language as showcased on the new Qashqai. This should include a longer wheelbase which will address one of the main issues of the current Juke; limited rear legroom.

Model Options:

In addition to a range of new engine options, there is the possibility of an all electric variant being offered. Nissan’s director of zero emission business unit, Gareth Dunsmore was recently quoted as saying that the brand is a leader in both crossover models and with the Leaf, and there would be a possibility to “combine the two in the future.An all electric Juke would certainly fit the bill.

The new Nissan Juke is anticipated to have its debut after the Micra. We can expect a pre-production concept at some point in the next six months, which will precede the launch of the production version before the end of the year. If you would like to know more about the new Nissan Juke. Perth drivers should speak to us. Maddington Nissan has an unrivalled range of new and used Nissan models including the current Nissan Juke for sale.