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Nissan Dealer Perth News: GT-R50 is Greenlit for Limited Production Run

Nissan Dealer Perth News: GT-R50 is Greenlit for Limited Production Run
February 1, 2019 Nissan Cars
Nissan Dealer Perth

As your local Nissan dealer, Maddington Nissan is keen to keep you in the loop about exciting new cars. The GT-50R is an Italian designed Japanese supercar that will fulfill the vision of a concept car released during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Let’s take a closer look at what this new supercar has to offer.

The Nissan GT-R50

This supercar has been designed by Italian designers ItalDesign based in Turin. The GT-R50 has been designed to celebrate both the founding of the GT-R nameplate first seen on the Skyline GT-R sedan in 1969 and the 50th anniversary of this prestigious Italian design house.

The whole design is based on the concept car that we saw in 2018, and the production models are virtually unchanged according to the designers. The concept car that we saw was presented in a striking gold and grey two tone livery, but the production car will have a choice of colour combinations to choose from.

The interior is very similar to any other GT-R variant that you may have encountered before. The concept interior was extremely radical in some aspects of the design, but Nissan has decided to keep things familiar.

Under the Bonnet

As a supercar, a great deal of focus is placed on the performance specifications, and this starts with the engine. The Nissan GT-R50 has a 3.8L twin turbocharged V6 power plant that delivers 530 kW of power. Sadly, Nissan has not yet confirmed any other details on the specification for the production car.

However, we do know quite a lot about the specifications of the concept. It has a dual clutch six speed rear transaxle that’s been reinforced and stronger drive shafts and differentials to cope with the required stresses. The Brembo brake calipers are painted red (always a nice touch) and there are Bilstein DampTronic adaptive dampers fitted.

If the specifications on the concept are included on the production car, it will undoubtedly have supercar credentials. However, as one would expect this will come at a considerable premium that will be beyond the reach of most petrolheads.

The Production Run

Sadly, only 50 Nissan GT-R50 supercars will be produced worldwide, and demand is expected to be extremely high. Even petrolheads with deep pockets are unlikely to see a GT-R50 at their local Nissan dealership any time soon. However, it is worth mentioning that many design decisions made on these limited releases do trickle down into other future releases.

Pricing and Delivery

The European pricing for the GT-R50 is expected to start at €990,000, which at the current exchange rate is $1,573,921 AUD. This is already quite a chunk of change, but this price is before tax and on the road charges! Lucky buyers can expect their Nissan GT-R50 supercars to be delivered during late 2019 or early 2020.

If you’re looking for your nearest Perth Nissan dealers, get in touch with Maddington Nissan, and we will be happy to arrange a no obligation test drive for you.