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Why is the Nissan Altima Not an Australian Best Seller?

Why is the Nissan Altima Not an Australian Best Seller?
April 7, 2017 Maddington Nissan

Why is the Nissan Altima Not an Australian Best Seller?

The Altima enjoys a fantastic sales record in the United States, yet this isn’t reflected in the figures for the Australian market. So, what is so great about the U.S variant and are we missing something over here?

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The Situation on the Australian Market:

Although Nissan has made attempts to boost the profile of the Altima with V8 supercars, the Nissan Altima is still considered a rival to the Toyota Camry rather than the more premium Mazda6. Unfortunately, unlike the locally produced Camry, the Nissan Altima hasn’t really enjoyed massive popularity here. While the Camry enjoyed an average sales figure of 2300 units sold each month during 2015, the Altima only managed an average of 124 units per month.

How it Differs in the U.S:

In the United States, drivers love medium sedans, and one of the most popular is the Nissan Altima. The Nissan U.S arm launched an upgraded model just last year, which featured a new design at the front and rear, chassis tweaks, additional safety equipment and cabin updates. This was considered to be one of the most extensive Nissan makeovers mid cycle, leaving no area untouched.
This is a marked difference to Australia, where the Altima is largely ignored. Last year, 330,000 Altimas were leased or bought in the U.S. This means that in just two days the U.S market sells the same amount as in an entire year for the Australian market, making it the company’s top seller.

The U.S Model:

The SL spec is available in the U.S for $28,570. This is approximately $A40,000, which is the same as the equivalent Ti variant in Australia. This is decent value, and it compares more or less to the cost of a Camry.
The 2016 update reflected the new design language seen on the new Maxima and Murano, which are not available here. There is a more muscular look at the front with revised headlights and grill. There is also a new boot lid and tail lights. This creates an overall more aggressive aesthetic.
Inside the cabin, there is a 7.0 inch NissanConnect system, which allows you to stream and provides a display for the sat nav. The cabin also benefits from increased sound deadening and a BOSE nine speaker audio system. There are also Zero Gravity front seats, that won’t leave you with a stiff back, even if you are on the road for hours at a time. However, many of these features are available on the Australian model, so it may be worth a second look.

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