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A New Trend in Future Car Sales? Nissan Seek to Evolve Their Image with the New 2018 Leaf

A New Trend in Future Car Sales? Nissan Seek to Evolve Their Image with the New 2018 Leaf
August 11, 2017 Maddington Nissan

A New Trend in Future Car Sales? Nissan Seek to Evolve Their Image with the New 2018 Leaf

In terms of current car sales Nissan has not had much success with the current version of the Leaf. It seemed that the SUV hungry Aussie public was simply uninterested in an electric car, despite its feature set. Well, Nissan is always up for a challenge, and they are not throwing the towel in just yet. They have gone back to the drawing board. The new 2018 Nissan Leaf is not just an innovative electric car, the car manufacturer will use this model to stamp their claim on being the premier electric car innovator. Let’s take a closer look at the Leaf, how it has evolved and what we know about the latest model.

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The Original Nissan Leaf:

The current Leaf model went into full production in 2010, and more than 260,000 have been sold worldwide. The Leaf didn’t fire up the imagination of the public as Nissan hoped it would, and the range of the car needed work. In the intervening years, we have seen increased competition in the electric car field, primarily from German car manufacturers and Tesla in the US. It seems that Nissan has learned a lot about their electric car strategy based on how the Leaf has sold and the feedback they have received. The new Leaf is set to launch on the 6th of September and Nissan are looking to reclaim their electric car pioneer credentials.

The New Nissan Leaf:

One of the main criticisms of the original Leaf was the lack of driving range. Whilst a valid criticism, it should be clear to most people that this is still new territory for car manufacturers and the technology is evolving as we speak. The new 2018 Leaf has a much improved range, and a whole range of halo technologies have been added.

We don’t know everything about the Leaf yet, but some interesting details have been revealed. At the flip of a switch, an e-Pedal can be engaged; this will accelerate and decelerate the Leaf gradually, much like the regenerative braking found on the BMW i3. The upgraded battery pack range could be 300 – 400km on a full charge. This is a significant improvement over the current Leaf, which has a range of 135km with a 24kW battery and 172km with a 30kW battery. The Leaf may be equipped with the brand new ProPilot autonomous driving system, that can: steer, accelerate and brake when driving in a single highway lane. The styling should be fairly close to that seen on the IDS concept that was seen in 2015.

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