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New Rear View Mirror Tech Arrives on 2018 Nissan Patrol

New Rear View Mirror Tech Arrives on 2018 Nissan Patrol
January 2, 2018 Nissan Cars

New Rear View Mirror Tech Arrives on 2018 Nissan Patrol

While the Nissan Patrol 2017 was well received, many gearheads have been highly anticipating the release of the 2018 model. The updated Nissan Patrol Australia spec has recently arrived in local showrooms, and it has been confirmed that the model will feature new rear view mirror digital tech.

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The New Tech:

The Nissan Patrol is now equipped with what has been dubbed I-RVM or Intelligent Rear View Mirror. This system allows drivers to be able to “see around” any second or third row cabin obstacles to improve driver visibility. This incorporates an inbuilt LCD monitor in the rear view mirror that is connected to a rear facing camera to provide an “unimpeded” view of the rear.

The new technology can be toggled off or on using a switch that is mounted at the base of the mirror. According to Nissan Australia’s general manager of brand and communications, Rebecca Williams, one of the key drivers for purchase consideration is safety, and Nissan HQ has “upped the ante” within this important area.

The I-RVM is designed to take awareness up to “a whole new level.” The Nissan design team appreciates that when you have a second row of passengers or are carrying cargo packed up to the cabin roof, you still need good visibility. I-RVM is designed to offer “perfect vision” out of the back of your Nissan Patrol to give driver’s peace of mind.

The Availability of I-RVM:

The new I-RVM is offered on the top of the range Nissan Patrol Ti-L as standard. This model also features a myriad of driver assistance technologies including intelligent forward collision warning, lane assist, blind spot assist, lane departure warning and 360 degree camera. This variant also features intelligent brake assist and adaptive cruise control.

Other 2018 Changes:

The design changes on the upgraded Nissan Patrol include revisions to the front bumper, a new grille, redesigned 18 inch alloys, and new fog light housing. Inside the cabin, the model features an 8.0 inch “more intuitive” infotainment system, and two more USB ports placed in the rear of the centre console for use by second row passengers. The flagship variant also has a larger 8 inch dual screen entertainment system in the rear.

Other features across the range as standard include keyless start, full size alloy spare, climate control and sat nav with 3D mapping. The 2018 Nissan Patrol for sale is now available for orders.

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