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New Nissan Vehicles: Our Top 5 SUV Picks

New Nissan Vehicles: Our Top 5 SUV Picks
June 28, 2018 Nissan Cars
New Nissan Car Perth

The Nissan brand is committed to delivering technological innovation with their range of vehicles. Nissan remains one of the world’s most popular brands and their range of SUVs feature a stunning aesthetic, coupled with powerful performance. Whether you need to accommodate a growing family or want to enhance your off-road experience, Nissan have some great SUV choices. Today, we’ll be looking at some of our top picks when it comes to Nissan SUVs.

Nissan Juke

The Juke is the latest release from Nissan and offers an exciting driving experience, while also being highly fuel efficient. The plush leather interior gives a sense of style and sophistication, and the sporty centre console hints at the power of the Nissan Juke. Connectivity is easy with NissanConnect, which allows you to access music , information and calls. When it comes to room, you have 354 litres of cargo capacity and plenty of legroom for everyone on board!

Nissan Pathfinder

With the Nissan Pathfinder, you have the ultimate in comfort and versatility. This family SUV gives you all the space you need, while also providing just the right amount of luxury. The Pathfinder is the first Nissan Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) to arrive in Australia, offering superior energy efficiency and heavily reduced emissions. When the back seats are folded down, you have access to an incredible 2,259 litres of cargo space.

Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol has an imposing look and is the next generation of 4×4 SUVs. With a 5.6 litre V8 engine, the Patrol offers extreme performance and is able to navigate a range of different terrains. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control (HBMC) suspension system ensure that you stay grounded and the interior is packed with technology.

Nissan Qashqail

The Nissan Qashqai offers the ultimate package with an eye-catching design, intelligent technology and smooth handling. Winner of the Best Australian Car in 2014, the Quashqai is excellent value which also delivering comfort and style. The dark leather interior finish gives stunning appeal and there is driver assist technology which makes manoeuvring a breeze.

Nissan X-Trail

With the Nissan X-Trail, you have a family vehicle which can adapt to any setting, whether it’s city driving or an off-road adventure. An Australian favourite, the X-Trail is available in both petrol and diesel options, with both offering excellent fuel efficiency and power. With a stylish look quality finishes, you’ll love getting behind the wheel of the X-Trail.

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