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Considering a New Nissan Juke? All You Need to Know About the ANCAP Rating System

Considering a New Nissan Juke? All You Need to Know About the ANCAP Rating System
December 14, 2017 Nissan Cars

Considering a New Nissan Juke? All You Need to Know About the ANCAP Rating System

If you have been researching the Nissan Juke 2017 range, you are likely to be aware that this model has an impressive ANCAP safety rating. However, many drivers looking at the Nissan Juke for sale, don’t realise that the ANCAP rating system is a continually evolving standard that means that car manufacturers need to work harder to achieve that illustrious five star rating.

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The ANCAP Basics:

The new Nissan Juke has been awarded a five star ANCAP rating, but since the model has been around since 2010, it may lead you to believe that there have been no major changes to the safety equipment. This is obviously not the case, and ANCAP is attributed with pushing the industry forward to achieve greater safety standards.

ANCAP or the Australasian New Car Assessment Program was formed in 1993. The body tests vehicles for crashworthiness, awarding a score based on their performance.

The Evolving ANCAP Standards:

So, if you bought a Nissan Juke in 2010, you may think that since it was awarded a five star ANCAP rating, it offers the same features as the new Nissan Juke. However, ANCAP has continually evolving standards and in recent years has been undergoing a transition to test with the same criteria used by EuroNCAP, its European counterpart. The transition process was announced in 2011, at a time when all a car manufacturer needed to feature was three point seatbelts, curtain airbags, and electronic stability control to achieve the full five star rating. The first of the big changes arrived in 2012 when ANCAP added acceptable whiplash and marginal pedestrian protection ratings to the criteria. At this point, cars were also awarded extra points if they included two safety assist technologies listed by ANCAP such as speed limiters and seatbelt reminders.

Today, in order for the Nissan Juke to retain the five star ANCAP rating, it needed to feature six safety assist technologies, such as active cruise control or fatigue monitors and demonstrate good whiplash protection, improved pedestrian safety, and rear seatbelt reminders. These days, vehicles need a minimum of three point seatbelts for all passengers, front seat belt reminders, electronic stability control and two safety assist systems just to qualify for a one star rating.

ANCAP has plans to take the testing further in the coming years; testing the performance of new technologies and continuing to push car manufacturers to increase vehicle safety. Nissan is committed to safety, and you can be assured that the Nissan Juke and every other model in the range will continue to offer excellent safety without compromising on performance and efficiency.

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