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Is Your New Nissan 370z Roadster at Risk of Rodent Damage

Is Your New Nissan 370z Roadster at Risk of Rodent Damage
December 26, 2017 Nissan Cars

Is Your New Nissan 370z Roadster at Risk of Rodent Damage

If you’ve just bought a Nissan 370z Roadster for sale, you may have imagined yourself cruising the highways on the weekends and taking on some driving adventures. However, what you may not have envisioned is having your new pride and joy damaged by rodents. Insurers have reported that rats and mice are responsible for hundreds of claims each year. So, should you be concerned?

new nissan 370z roadster

The Extent of the Problem:

A recent investigation examined statistics provided by Suncorp, the insurance group owner of the car related brands GIO, APIA, AAMI, and others. The research highlighted that over the last five years, rodents have been causing consistent problems by chewing on plastics and causing chaos under the bonnet. According to Michael Mills, Suncorp spokesperson, in most cases of animal damage, rats appear to be the “prime culprit.” Mills has said that rats like nesting under the bonnets of cars and inevitably start chomping.

Rodents can cause terrible problems that could be a major issue for your new Nissan 370z Roadster. This includes stripping the plastic insulation from wiring, chewing rubber from around the rear tail shaft, chewing the plastic from spark plugs and chewing a hole in the windscreen washer reservoir. If this wasn’t bad enough, a rodent can also eat through brake lines, chew up fuel lines and radiator hoses, or even chew through the brake fluid reservoir.

The problems aren’t just limited to under the bonnet. If mice or rats get inside the car, they can also start munching on the seatbelts and upholstery.

Protecting Your Nissan 370z Roadster:

Suncorp encourages all car owners to check their vehicles regularly for any signs of damage. Rodent damage is more prevalent in the winter, but if you store your vehicle in the garage all year round, it is a good idea to remain alert. You should keep your 370z and storage building clean and free of debris that could encourage nesting. You should also try to remove any nearby water sources. It is also a good idea to have your garage inspected when you are having your home inspected for any pests.

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