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Why Get Roadside Assistance For Your New Nissan Juke

Why Get Roadside Assistance For Your New Nissan Juke
November 16, 2017 Maddington Nissan

Why Get Roadside Assistance For Your New Nissan Juke

The new Nissan Juke has excellent safety ratings and plenty of features designed to optimise reliability. So, when you’re driving your new Juke off the forecourt is it important to have roadside assistance? Many drivers think that they can just call for help if they breakdown, but who can you call if you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, or it’s late at night unless you have roadside assistance offered by a trusted name?

New Nissan Juke

The Risks:

While the Nissan Juke offers fantastic reliability, unforeseen events can happen to any driver. Whether you are the type of driver that runs the fuel gauge into the empty zone or have every locked the keys in the car or get a blown tyre, even a fantastic vehicle can have difficulties and leave you stranded. Although you can call a tow truck, this is never going to be a bargain, and you could be left waiting for hours. The alternative is calling a family member or friend to come and rescue you, and you could end up paying for this in days of earache, particularly if you got them out of bed.

Why Invest in Reputable Breakdown Assistance?

It is perhaps because younger drivers have grown up with new cars that are practically infallible, but many drivers don’t appreciate the many benefits offered with breakdown assistance from a reputable company. This may mean that they have never experienced the frustration, discomfort or even fear of being stuck by the side of the road, several hours away from the nearest town at night. Many drivers live in a world where they believe that it won’t ever happen to them, but even the most reliable vehicles can still run into difficulties.

According to NRMA data, last year their service team attended 1.3 million breakdowns. Of these 206,265 were due to a flat battery, 70,761 were lock outs, and there were also 34,498 incidents involving flat tyres. These three incidents can happen to any age of vehicle, so even if you are driving a brand new Nissan Juke, you could still be at risk. The group most likely to experience this type of incident is the 18 to 29 age bracket, so young drivers need to be prepared.

Of course, you can reduce the risks by checking that you have a fully inflated spare tyre and keeping your key secure, particularly if you have proximity, remote keys. However, the value of breakdown assistance should never be underestimated. It provides you with the reassurance that if the unforeseen does happen, help won’t be far away.

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