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Essentials for Your First Nissan Patrol Off Road Trip

Essentials for Your First Nissan Patrol Off Road Trip
November 16, 2017 Maddington Nissan

Essentials for Your First Nissan Patrol Off Road Trip

When looking at a Nissan Patrol for sale, Perth drivers often envisage themselves taking off on an off road adventure. However, once you have the keys, you may wonder what you actually need to pack in your new Nissan Patrol.

Nissan Patrol Off Road Trip

The Basics:

A tent and sleeping bag are a good starting point, but you will need to go beyond shelter. You’ll need a decent sized hard esky to keep your water and food fresh and cool. You will need at least a 33 litre esky depending on how many people you will be taking in your Nissan Patrol. Fortunately, there is plenty of cargo space, so even if you have a full complement of passengers, you’ll have lots of room.

A first kit may be a basic item, but it is always an essential. Ensure that it’s stocked with all the vital supplies, any medications you need, plus medications for bites or stings. You will also need all your camping provisions, so portable camping stove, disposable gas canisters, plates, cutlery, and cups, etc. Don’t forget your camp lighting and a fold out table and chairs.

Pack Your Nissan Patrol With Some Purpose:

You don’t need to pack as if you’re heading out for a month long solo desert trip if you’re taking the kids away for the weekend. With such a cavernous boot, you may be tempted to overpack, but try to pack with some purpose.  

Start with packing your essentials and add in your extras later. Try to carry lightweight items such as camp furniture, cookware, camping gear. This will save weight and help you to be more fuel efficient. Pack to meet your particular needs. So, if you are making a stop before setting up camp, make sure any supplies you need aren’t buried under your tent and camping gear.

Additional Gear:

If you’re planning a serious off road adventure, there is some additional gear it may be useful to carry; vehicle recovery gear. This is equipment used to extract your Patrol if you become bogged, hooked up or otherwise stricken.

A tyre pressure gauge will allow you to get an accurate tyre pressure reading quickly, and a tyre deflator lets you drop your pressures fast for rapid recovery or gaining access to beach sand or other really tricky terrain. It’s also useful to have a shovel, vehicle recovery tracks, bow shackles and an air compressor. Getting familiar with this gear and ensuring you have it with you on your off road adventures could help you get out of trouble quickly without needing to call for help.

If you are considering a Nissan Patrol for sale Perth drivers should visit us. We have a massive choice of vehicles including the Nissan Patrol. The Maddington Nissan sales team is also on hand to answer any queries about the Nissan Patrol, price deals and finance packages.