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Dreaming of a Nissan Coupe? Why Learners Should Use a Manual Car

Dreaming of a Nissan Coupe? Why Learners Should Use a Manual Car
May 31, 2019 Nissan Cars
New nissan 370z coupe

Learner drivers often imagine themselves hitting the open road in a performance vehicle like the Nissan Coupe. However, how you learn to drive can have an impact on whether this could be a reality in the future. According to experts learning in a manual transmission vehicle produces safer drivers who are more in touch with their vehicle.

Engaging With Your Vehicle

Whether you’re driving a new Nissan Coupe or a much loved older Micra, driving a manual will help you to feel more in touch with your vehicle compared to those driving an auto. When you drive a manual transmission car, you are forced to engage with your vehicle in ways that an automatic doesn’t. The smooth click of properly changing gears and slipping your clutch just enough keeps you always thinking about which of the cogs is needed next. In the back of your mind, you’ll be perpetually engaged by the challenges of driving smoothly your manual vehicle.
This level of participation is more optional when you’re driving an auto. You select a gear, accelerate and break. This means that your mind is more free to wander and this is where the problem lies. Unless you enjoy base jumping, you work as a high rise window cleaner, or you try to give a tiger a belly rub, the most dangerous thing you’ll do in your daily life is operate a car. You’ll be in control of a two tonne metal, glass, and rubber projectile, as you negotiate a mass of other road users like you. And just like you, other drivers are error prone, so being distracted can be a deadly risk.

Teaching Higher Levels of Concentration

Learning to drive in a manual vehicle means that your instructor will drill into the driver a higher base concentration level. It can also create an appreciation for the joy of driving and a willingness to engage.

When you’ve learned to drive in a manual vehicle, even if you decide to drive an automatic, the focus for changing gears could be redirected to the road. In theory, this means that these drivers should pay more attention. So, when you switch to a performance vehicle like the Nissan Coupe, you’re likely to not only appreciate the fantastic vehicular engineering, but also be a safer driver.

While this may not be entirely practical, as some learners may not have access to a manual vehicle. However, if you have access to both a manual and an auto, it is a good idea to start on the auto as the learner gets used to the road conditions before transitioning to the manual. You can make it more difficult to leave it too long to move to a manual, as learners can become too comfortable with an auto, creating a gulf which is intimidating to bridge.
If learners do use a manual from day one, there could be countless hours spend in empty car parks to get to grasps with the clutch, but with dedication, they should be a better driver.

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