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December 23, 2019 Maddington Nissan
Nissan Navara

The Nissan Navara is a fantastic workhorse that performs well whether you’re on the open road or working on a job site. However, like any good vehicle, the Navara can only continue operating at optimum efficiency and performance with a little tender loving care. So, here we’ll explore care tips for your Nissan Navara, here in Perth.


You need to check your belts periodically to ensure that they are in good working condition. You will need to replace the belt when it starts to wear out. Nissan HQ recommends that you replace your belts every 70-80,000 kilometres as part of your preventative maintenance routine.


Just like your belts, hoses also need to be checked periodically. Hoses are made of rubber, so they can deteriorate with age and heat exposure. Over time, the rubber can start to perish, so small cracks may start to appear, which can cause splitting or leaking. For this reason, it is a good idea to include hose replacement in your preventative maintenance routine with your belts.


In addition to checking your brake fluid level, you also need to check for leaks where the lines attach to the master cylinder. Leaks can also develop where the master cylinder attaches to the power booster. To protect the efficiency of your brakes and braking system, you will need to have your brake pads changed regularly. Your Nissan mechanic will assess your brake pads during servicing, but if you should notice any screeching sounds as you apply your brakes between services, it is a sign that your pads need to be changed. Periodically, you will need to have your brake fluid drained and refilled. DOT 3 fluid should be used to refill your Nissan Navara. Perth drivers should avoid reusing the brake fluid that is drained from your vehicle, and be wary of splashing brake fluid on your paintwork, as it can cause damage. For this reason, many Navara drivers prefer to leave brake fluid changes to their Nissan mechanic.

Oil Changes

As with any vehicle, it is important to periodically change the oil in your Nissan Navara. This can be included in your regular maintenance schedule, and your Nissan technician can ensure that your oil and filters are changed. The Nissan Navara is also equipped with a wrench symbol on the instrument panel that indicates that the oil level is low and needs to be topped up. It is a good idea to check your oil levels when you check your tyre pressures every week or two, to ensure that the levels don’t drop below mininum. Low oil levels can not only compromise performance, but can also put your engine at risk of overheating and seizing, which can result in serious repair bills. Lights Lights are vital, but often overlooked, so it is important to periodically check your lights to ensure that they are in good condition. Poorly functioning lights not only put you in danger, but can also endanger other road users. If any bulbs are not working, they should be immediately replaced. Wipers and Washers Even if you’re not taking your Navara on dusty, dirty job sites, your windscreens can easily get grimy. Dust, insects, and other debris can be a massive distraction when you’re driving, so it is important to keep your windscreen glass clear of dirt. It is also crucial to keep your wipers in great condition to ensure excellent visibility. Wiper blades need to maintain a perfect seal against the windscreen glass, so they should be replaced approximately every six months. Although your Nissan technician can do this during your regular service, it is a very simple task to complete yourself. Just be sure to choose a good quality windscreen wiper as per Nissan specifications for maximum lifespan and performance. Finally, be sure to check your washer bottle is topped up when you check your fluids, so that should you need to clear your windscreen while driving, you have a steady stream of windscreen wash. Tyre Care Your tyres are the only points of contact on the road, so you need to be confident that they offer the best possible grip. Maintaining the correct tyre pressures will ensure a smooth drive and provide better fuel efficiency, but while you’re checking your tyres, look out for signs of wear. Most tyres have an indicator that shows when your tread is getting too low, and the tyre needs to be replaced. This will ensure that your tyres remain road legal and offer the proper grip. You also need to ensure that your tyres are properly aligned. If you notice heavy wear on one side of the tyre and not the other, it is a sure sign that your tyres are not properly aligned. Wheel alignment can be knocked out of balance if you hit a kerb, or go over a pothole, but it can also gradually move out of alignment. Fortunately, this is an easy situation to remedy. Bring your Nissan Navara to Maddington Nissan, and our technicians will perform a wheel alignment check and realign your tyres if necessary. This will prolong the lifespan of your tyres and will help you to avoid potentially dangerous driving situations. Washing and Polishing Whether you’re driving on highways or taking your Navara on dusty job sites, it is important to keep your vehicle washed and polished. Regular washing helps the paint job to last as long as possible and help to avoid rust or other corrosion issues. If you park your Navara in shade, it can be vulnerable to tree sap and bird droppings that can be highly damaging to paintwork. So, it is crucial to clean the paintwork at least every week. The paint on your Navara acts as a protective coating for the metal bodywork, so it is worth waxing and polishing your vehicle regularly to maximize the aesthetics and reduce the risk of damage. If you have concerns about maintaining your Nissan Navara, Perth based Maddington Nissan is here to help. Our highly trained technicians can assist you with all your servicing and repair needs to ensure that your Navara continues to perform efficiently and safely.