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Brain to Vehicle Technology for Nissan New Car Releases?

Brain to Vehicle Technology for Nissan New Car Releases?
February 6, 2018 Nissan Cars

Brain to Vehicle Technology for Nissan New Car Releases?

Many of us enjoy finding out what the latest Nissan new model has to offer and are rarely disappointed. Nissan has a proven track record of innovation in many aspects of car designs. However, the latest research coming out of Nissan in Yokohama sound like the plot of a Sci Fi movie. We’ve seen brain to vehicle interfaces in Hollywood fiction, but it now seems like Nissan is about to make it a reality. Let’s take a closer look at the unveiled research and how it could affect the way we interact with our cars in the future.

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The Research Revealed

Nissan has revealed that they will be able to create a vehicle interface that can interpret the signal coming from a driver’s brain. This technology is called Brain to Vehicle (B2V), and it promises faster reaction times for drivers. This will lead to cars that will quickly adapt to any situation and make your driving experience far more enjoyable.

How Well Developed is B2V?

Nissan has stated that they will demonstrate this technology at CES 2018 a trade show held in Las Vegas. The B2V technology is only the latest aspect of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility development process. The vision that Nissan is pursuing is a way to better transform how cars are powered, driven and integrated into a modern society. Nissan Executive Vice President Daniele Schillaci said of B2V “when most people think about autonomous driving they have a very impersonal view of the future” he added, “where humans relinquish control to the machines.” He went on to say that B2V technology will be a polar opposite to this vision by using the driver’s brain signal to enhance the driving experience.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The ethos in Nissan Intelligent Mobility is to deliver more autonomy and create a better world through improved connectivity. The B2V technology is a big part of that vision, using brain decoding systems to assist the driver’s actions and avoid discomfort. The system will predict the driver’s action and begin the move quickly to speed up reaction times. Later on, it may be possible for the driver to affect other systems in the vehicle, such as: changing the driving style or adjusting the vehicle environment. Augmented reality systems could also be used to adjust the driver’s perceptions and create a more relaxing driving environment. At the moment the interface is a worn device that can speed up turning a steering wheel or braking by 0.2 to 0.5 seconds faster than an unassisted driver. A driving simulator at CES will be used to showcase the B2V technology, and Nissan will be in the Las Vegas Convention Centre’s North Hall at at booth 5431 to answer questions.

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