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Are Tyres the Most Overlooked Nissan Parts?

Are Tyres the Most Overlooked Nissan Parts?
June 12, 2017 Maddington Nissan

Are Tyres the Most Overlooked Nissan Parts

Some Nissan petrolheads will already know that Nissan doesn’t make their own brand of tyres. Instead, they prefer to partner with expert tyre manufacturers, such as Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone and others. In fact, the specifications of various makes and models of tyres are carefully considered by Nissan engineers. As such, one could make a good argument that Nissan recommended tyres are as official as you could get. That being said, many people don’t care for their tyres in the same way as they may do for other Nissan parts in their cars. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways you can ensure your car tyres are operating at an optimal level.

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Check for Wear and Tear:

Many drivers are unaware that their tyres actually have a built in wear indicator. To use this indicator, you don’t need any special tools or training to find out the tread condition on your tyres. On modern tyres, the main grooves have a small bar that runs across the width of the tread. If you have problems spotting this bar, there should be a tiny arrow on the tyre shoulder pointing in the right direction. The bar shows the minimum legal tread depth for that tyre, the closer the tread is to the bar, the more worn the tyre is. Turn the steering wheel to front lock to check the front tyres, but you will have to squat down to check the rear. Check each tyre in turn and make a note of any wear and tear. If the wear is uneven, there may be a wheel alignment problem, and worn tyres need to be replaced.

Check for Damage:

An air loss from a damaged tyre can be easy to detect, but there are other things to look out for. Tyre sidewalls that are bulging could indicate damage that needs to be addressed. Road debris can get trapped in the tread causing gouges and cuts that can inhibit tyre performance. A puncture at high speed is very dangerous and repairing any tyre damage should be a priority.

Check the Tyre Pressures:

Over time, air slowly bleeds through the inner layer of the tyre, and it becomes deflated. When the tyre pressure is not correct, it can affect safety and even decrease your fuel economy figures. A tyre should have its pressure checked at least every fortnight to the manufacturer’s specifications. A visual inspection will not suffice, too little pressure the tyre wear unevenly and too much reduces grip and control

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