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A Longer Term Review of the 2019 Nissan X-Trail Ti

A Longer Term Review of the 2019 Nissan X-Trail Ti
October 10, 2019 Maddington Nissan
Nissan x trail for sale Perth

There have been many positive reviews of the Nissan X-Trail, and the customer feedback has been extremely positive. The X-Trail is a well regarded medium SUV that delivers reliable performance both on and off road. However, many reviews only look at a car when it was first released, and they don’t revisit the vehicle in the medium to long term to see how it performs. 

A Brief Introduction

The Nissan X-Trail price offers a fantastic value proposition for those seeking a well specified SUV at an affordable price point. This is a popular choice amongst Aussie SUV buyers, and the sale figures are only a thousand units behind the Toyota Rav4 which is the leader in this segment. In fact, approximately 37% of Nissan sales in Australia come from the X-Trail lineup, so it’s worth looking at how drivers get on with their X-Trails in the long term.

First Impressions

When you approach the X-Trail Ti for the first time, you may be struck by good looks. In many cases, Japanese car designers can easily go overboard with severe angles and sharp edges, but the X-Trail has a classier appeal. The front badge is not a traditional grille mounting; it’s a plastic plate that actually hides the front radar sensor. Some drivers have reported that dirt can be trapped behind this panel and this will need careful cleaning from time to time. 

In the Cabin

Once you get behind the wheel, you will notice that the X-Trail Ti has leather seats that offer all the support that you need. The front and rear seats are even heated, and a good driving position is easy to attain with tilting and reach adjustment on the steering wheel. The internal space is generous, and there is plenty of headroom for taller drivers. The cabin is well thought out, and every feature or control seems to be easily within reach and simple to operate. The 7” colour touchscreen can be easily read in full brightness, and you can even read it with your sunglasses on. The Bose stereo system is excellent, but sadly there is no support yet for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay apps.

Out on the Road

The Nissan X-Trail Ti is a real pleasure to drive on a daily basis. The steering is surprisingly light and responsive for an SUV, and the 2.5L four cylinder engine delivers all the power you need when you need it. Nissan claims a fuel economy of 8.3L/100km combined, and there is a dedicated ECO mode to save more fuel. Thanks to the responsiveness of the steering and the “Intelligent Around View” system the X-Trail is easy to park in the city. The virtual 360º camera view really helps you to avoid scratching your 19” alloy wheels on the kerb.

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