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A Brief Explanation of Baby and Child Seat Laws

A Brief Explanation of Baby and Child Seat Laws
November 17, 2016 Maddington Nissan

A Brief Explanation of Baby and Child Seat Laws

The new Nissan Patrol 2016 is a car with excellent safety measures designed to protect you and your family in the event of a collision. However, like all other vehicles, it is necessary to use additional safety equipment to protect younger occupants. The reason for this is that babies and young children don’t have well developed muscles to prevent damage and stress that adults can endure. The laws surrounding the installation and use of child seats can be a little confusing, so let’s take a closer look and clear up any confusion.

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Child Seats for Babies up to Six Months of Age:

Up to the age of six months old, a child is particularly vulnerable to violent kinetic movements and rear end collisions. For that reason, a baby must be secured in a rearward facing approved restraint that has a five or six point safety harness. Although it is legal to switch a baby to a forward facing position after six months of age, this is not recommended. The only real reason to do this would be because the baby is bored, but what baby under six months of age is aware of being bored anyway?

Child Seats for Children from Six Months up to Four Years Old:

When a baby is older than six months old, they have to be secured in an approved child restraint that can face either forwards or backward. The choice is up to the parents, but as we discussed above it may be a good idea to wait a little longer to make the change. This legal requirement is true for all children up to the age of four. Different children grow at different rates, so size rather than age should be the final deciding factor. Another thing to remember is that children under the age of four can’t be located in the front seats of a vehicle that has more than two rows.

Child Seats for Children from Four Years Old up to Seven Years Old:

Once kids are over four, but under seven years old they are allowed to use booster seats and use adult seats. They still cannot sit up front if there are more than two rows of seats. Obviously, if the child is small for their age, they should stay in a child restraint that fits them correctly. If the child is too small to use adult belts and a booster seat, they could be injured by a seat belt around their necks in a collision. Another option, in this case, is to choose a booster seat that is fitted with a five or six point safety harness.

Child Seats for Children Over Seven Years Old:

Once children are over seven years of age, they can use grown up seatbelts without a booster seat. Again, a smaller child may use a booster seat for a little longer until they grow large enough.

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