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4Dogs Nissan X-Trail Concept Revealed

4Dogs Nissan X-Trail Concept Revealed
April 7, 2017 Maddington Nissan

4Dogs Nissan X-Trail Concept Revealed

If you love your four legged friends, then the new concept revealed is sure to get your tail wagging. The fun new concept is the ultimate dog friendly vehicle and highlights the versatility and practicality of the Nissan X Trail.

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The New Concept Idea:

The 4Dogs Nissan X Trail concept was created by the British arm of Nissan. It was a result of a survey that found that 90 percent of car owners are looking for more features that are focused on their pooch. The survey questioned over 1300 dog owners and found that over 88 percent of the respondents took their dog out in their car a minimum of once a week. 71.5 percent of the owners put their dog in the back seat or in the boot.

The Design Features:

Since the research showed that boot space is important in a dog friendly car, there was great emphasis on this area for the concept. The 445 litre bespoke boot area was designed for use for one or two dogs. There is a clip on harness hook and a cargo barrier to ensure that your dogs are safe in even the tightest corners.
There are also some fun features including a fold out ramp. This was designed to reduce the possibility of your four legged friends scratching the rear bumper paintwork as they jump in and out. This ramp slides up into a drawer underneath the puppy compartment. The concept also features an automated food bowl, an anti spillage water bowl and easy to wipe leather trim.
If this option were available as a new Nissan X Trail for sale, drivers would also find that there are some clever touches so your puppy can feel reassured on even longer journeys. There is a screen for the dogs to see their human owners in front and the driver can check on the back with a “dog cam.” There is also a speaker connecting the driver to the dog compartment, just in case they need the reassurance of their owner’s voice.
Since the concept was developed in England, there are also some mud cleaning items including a hair dryer, pull out 360 degree shower hose and a heater system in the cargo area to prevent the damp dog smell.


For those occasions when your pooch is at home, you can still use the cargo area as usual. The spare wheel access has not been compromised, and there is still plenty of space for your shopping or luggage. According to chief marketing manager for the UK, Ryan Gains, the Nissan X Trail is built for family adventures, and as dogs are a key part of the family, this concept ensures that their needs are accommodated.

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