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4 Ways to Save Fuel in Your Nissan Qashqai

4 Ways to Save Fuel in Your Nissan Qashqai
January 11, 2019 Nissan Cars
Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai 2018 models have an average fuel consumption of 6.4L/100km combined based on independent testing of 100 vehicles. This is a respectable fuel consumption figure for a vehicle of this type, but it could be further improved. Purchasing fuel is one of the largest costs that we have to bear as drivers and any steps that we can take to lower that amount should be welcomed. In this article, we will look at four ways that you could start to save fuel today.

Correct Tyre Pressures

It’s not a widely understood term, but “rolling resistance” is a critical factor in how much fuel you use. When a tyre is underinflated, it will have a larger contact patch in contact with the road surface. This will mean that there is more friction and this must be overcome by your engine. When the engine has to work harder, it will use more fuel and so it’s a great idea to keep your tyres at the correct pressure. This can vary a little depending on your specific model, and the tyre pressures will be clearly listed in your owner’s manual.

Travel Light

Many drivers have a car that acts as a rolling storage facility that’s filled with stuff that they don’t need on a daily basis. Perhaps you’re carrying around winter stuff in summer or some toys that from the beach that you forgot to remove months ago. Weight is a real enemy to fuel consumption, the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel that’s needed to move it. It really pays to keep your car neat and tidy, if you trim the weight the fuel consumption will drop accordingly.

Drive Casual

Aggressive driving can really burn through your fuel quickly, and it’s also an unsafe practice. When you accelerate, corner and brake aggressively you are emptying your pockets at the pump. It’s a better idea to set off a little earlier and take your time driving to your destination. Take some time to read the road ahead and make any adjustments well in advance. If you need to brake, move off the accelerator earlier and let the Nissan Qashqai coast for a little while. Over time these relatively small changes will add up to significant fuel savings.

Avoiding Traffic

If you can, adjust your driving times to avoid the worst traffic, and you will reduce the need to stop and start during your journey. Less time spent in traffic queues will save money at the next visit to the pump. Another good way to avoid traffic congestion is to use your satellite navigation and alert systems and follow fuel efficient routes. These may be slightly longer travel times, but if you set off early you can easily compensate, and this will be a real fuel saver. If you’re looking for a new Nissan Qashqai get in touch with Maddington Nissan and we will arrange a no obligation test drive for you.