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4 Questions to Ask When You Take Out Vehicle Finance

4 Questions to Ask When You Take Out Vehicle Finance
August 21, 2018 Nissan Cars
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There’s nothing more exciting than driving off in that new vehicle! However, a lot of people are in the situation where even though they’re in desperate need for an upgrade, they simply don’t have the funds to purchase it outright. Luckily, you have the option of getting finance through your car dealer. But what do you need to know before you sign on the dotted line? As providers of flexible Nissan finance, we’re here to share what you should ask when you take out vehicle finance.

Is there flexibility with the loan term?

In some cases, you might only want a shorter loan term as you know you’ll be able to pay off your vehicle relatively quickly. In other cases, you might want a longer term so you’re not under pressure with higher repayments. Whatever the case, always check that the dealer can offer a tailored loan term. Also, remember to ask if you can make extra payments on your loan.

Is the interest rate competitive?

The interest rate is one of the most important considerations with a loan, so ask some questions around the interest rate and compare it to other finance options. The finance experts at your dealer should be able to give you specific information about their products. In many cases, a fixed interest rate will give you peace of mind because you won’t need to worry about fluctuating interest rates increasing your payments.

What can they offer businesses?

For businesses who need to purchase several vehicles at once and need the cash flow, obtaining finance is a smart option. However, you need to be confident that your dealer offer personalised solutions whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or company. Look for a dealer who offers a range of options for business, not just one or two.

What additional services do they offer?

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, it makes it so much more convenient if as many aspects of your new car as possible are taken care of through your dealership so you don’t need to worry. For example, can you also take out insurance at the same time as taking out finance? Is roadside assistance included? These extra options mean you can drive away without having to worry about organising additional services.

At Maddington Nissan, we provide Nissan financial services which aims to make the process of driving away in your new vehicle as easy as possible. Along with finance, we also offer flexible insurance options to protect you financially in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your new Nissan,

For Nissan finance Perth, make an appointment to speak with one of the finance experts at Maddington Nissan. We offer a range of Nissan finance deals to suit very situation.