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3 Nissan Patrol Off Road Driving Tips

3 Nissan Patrol Off Road Driving Tips
December 28, 2018 Nissan Cars
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The Nissan Patrol 2018 models are well known as rugged off road SUVs with a go anywhere attitude. Many drivers buy an SUV with the intention of using it for weekend off roading adventures, but they never seem to manage to use it in that way. This is a real shame, driving off road is fun, rewarding and it can get you to places that a regular car cannot reach. Part of this may be a lack of knowledge, so let’s take a look at three off road driving tips that you can use.

1. Know Your Nissan Patrol

The Nissan Patrol is an excellent SUV with real off road capabilities that you need to understand before setting off. Looking at a stream of specifications and dimensions may be helpful, but a more practical understanding could be far more useful. Take a look under the Patrol, examine the ground clearance distance and you will learn what you can and cannot drive over safely. The Nissan Patrol has an approach angle of 34º this is the maximum angle that you can drive over safely. The departure angle is 30º, so you need to be careful that the terrain your driving over is lower than the ground clearance. If the angle is more than 30º and the obstacle is higher than your ground clearance you could cause damage and/or  lose your rear bumper. Learn about your low range gearing; this is a gear multiplier that will give you far more control off road.

2. Prepare to Go Off Road

Driving off road can be tricky, but you can mitigate many problems by bringing along some useful equipment. Weather changes can drastically affect off road driving conditions, so it’s worth taking some spare boots and appropriate clothing to stay dry if you have to go outside. Take along some gear to get you out of trouble, such as a good shovel, some recovery tracks, and a winch; these tools should get you out of most scrapes. Always pack some spare water and food to keep you going in a pinch. If you get trapped out overnight, some blankets could be useful, and if you really go off road, it’s a good idea to pack some signalling flares.

3. Take it Slow, Evaluate and Stay Calm

Driving off road is much easier if you take it slow and you can improve your traction by reducing the air pressure in your tyres. Remember that this is not a race, this a challenge to conquer the terrain in your Nissan Patrol. If you go too fast, it will be harder to evaluate the terrain ahead accurately, and this could cause a lapse in judgement. It’s important to keep in mind that you can pause and break in many situations to give yourself time to compose yourself before continuing.

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