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2 Important Nissan Altima Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

2 Important Nissan Altima Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself
August 11, 2017 Maddington Nissan

2 Important Nissan Altima Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

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The Nissan Altima is a fantastic family car, but like any piece of complex equipment, it needs to be serviced regularly. However, not all tasks that are required on your car need a trained technician and specialised tools. It is possible, for even a layman with limited mechanical skills to carry out routine maintenance. This is a fun activity that will teach you more about your car; you will also prolong the life of your vehicle and save some money at the same time. Here are two Altima maintenance tasks that you can do today.

1. Replacing the Air Filter:

The air filter prevents the passage of particles, dirt, and debris, into your engine. These particulates can cause a loss in efficiency, a decreased level of performance and even permanent damage. The air filter is checked during a regular service, but if your car is not under warranty, it’s simple to change yourself. The air filter is located in a black box that has metal clips along the side. Clip the air box off the housing, remove the old dirty filter, place the new filter in the box and clip it back onto the housing.

2. Changing the Oil Filter and Checking Oil Levels:

This task could have warranty implications (see below) so check first. The engine must be fully cooled down in order to carry out this task, and you will need, an oil filter wrench, a funnel, and an oil pan. Lift the car up to a level position, pop the bonnet open and slide the oil pan under the drain bolt. Remove the oil bolt and washer to drain out the old oil fully and then replace the oil bolt and washer. Locate the oil filter and remove it with the oil filter wrench in an anti clockwise direction. Open your new oil filter and lube it up with oil, then install the new oil filter, but don’t overtighten it. Place a clean funnel into the oil tank and fill with new oil, pausing periodically to check the dipstick. Continue until you have reached the correct oil level, between the H and L marks. Pour the old oil into an oil container and dispose of it and the old oil filter responsibly.

An Important Note on Warranties:

If your Altima is still under warranty, carrying out your own work could void the warranty. Smaller individual tasks may still be possible, but check the warranty contract and consult your dealership first. Always use an appropriate manual, tools and genuine consumables for the best results.

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